Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Got lazy with teh blog again.

In other news:

-Killed my old workphone, got it replaced by a big, ugly, Chinese knockoff Nokia analogue. Not a smartphone, less friendly UI, and will be measurably harder to kill. Not that I want to, but being a figurative ape in a land of supermen is starting to get old.

-Still playing WoW, but would really like to kick it before The Hitch. It's not an addictive thing, but I guess I'm just getting tired of doing the same thing over & over. Still don't have an 85, and I think that'll be the yardstick by which I'll measure having 'done' the game. Maybe that's why I'm avoiding it. As if I don't have enough digital goodness yet to play with; wanna finish Batman AA, have preordered Skyrim (hells yeah), and still haven't uncrated New Vegas yet. Decided I'll wait til all the DLC has dropped for that last one, then I'll blitz it.

-Moved locations at work, twice. Last time I was updating I was in a literal hole in the ground, left that, now gone back to a (different) hole. Shows potential, if I show a little motivation. Not nearly as mindnumbingly boring.

-Projects: OUA training needs to get back on tracked after I bombed it last. PieOhm dev has stalled, but I run over the details for PurpleDB and CMPD in my head almost daily. Will have to go check up on the Wolfire guys too, really should pick up the Overgrowth Alpha so I can consider the engine.. I know The Big Project is a pipedream, but how awesome if it actually got off the ground, and I could share the spotlight with a group of motivated indie developers. I should get Overgrowth really anyway, even if the genre isn't my thing, the story looks great (see above paragraph about towering stack of unfinished games).

-Might be changing residences. Pretty excited about this, theatre room, opportunity to get my network on, etc. Contingent on difficult sale, so I guess we'll see.

-Dicking around with Twitter again, mostly just following OZHH news and comedic tweets. How those pricks get so much humour in 140 chars is beyond me. Nothing else big happening in Social Media, except I got my Google+ invite, which I accepted and summarily did nothing with. Guess I'll move in if it really does start looking like a serious fb competitor. I like The Goog, I really do, but hey, eggs-in-one-basket etc. (And as ridiculous as it sounds, if any one company could get a Death Star going, they're the guys.)


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