Monday, May 23, 2011



I need a smartphone.
Sure, I have the company phone.. but it's not a smartphone, and it's locked out of data use anyway.

I thought getting a company phone would be awesome, but now I've realised I'm a mile behind everyone else. I can't access a calendar or basic web resources on the go, and I'm rapidly realising that those are some of the things I've been dreaming about being able to do for years.

I'd even settle for an iPhone at this point, although tinkering with the calendar features on Android devices has led me to beleive that they might have the superior 'daily planner' setup. That being said, owning an iDevice would lend me a certain amount of group conformity, and as a result, an improved understanding of the device and it's troubleshooting quirks, which would be a major help if I ever follow through on some of my dev ideas.

Oh well. I guess I could always aim for a promotion into a position that entitles me to a Blackberry (ick).