Saturday, August 8, 2009

Resetting my TF2 Stats: The Great Purge (and Inevitable Analysis)

I've got a couple articles in the pipe at the moment, but I've been on holidays (and also hideously lazy, though that's a given, really).

Something I've been tossing around lately is the idea of resetting my TF2 stats, and I just took the plunge. So for the sake of posterity, here are my old statistics up to the 8th of August 2009.

See the bizarre Pyro score anomaly? That's what screwing around on farming servers gets you. It's half of why I reset in the first place.

Clearly I'm a career medic, but in the days before reset I became hellbent on getting the Pyromancer achievement, and as such wound up accruing lot of extra Pyro time, almost 20 hours worth, in order to get it.

The Pyromancer effort, coupled with my compulsive decision a few months back to delete all my unlockable items, has really renewed my appreciation for the Pyro as a class in general. They're almost universally panned as a nub class, but who else gets ludicrous close range damage, decent health (175HP), can extinguish teammates, return explosive projectiles, disrupt the aim and movement of even the heaviest enemies, guarantee melee crits, inspires terror in every single other class, and has generally awesome taunts and characterization?

You know it to be true. Turn to the dark side, and let our power engulf you.

Anyway, with that tangent out of the way, I thought I'd analyze my stats a little. My hours were as such:

Medic - 253:54:01
Pyro - 140:45:33
Engineer - 105:00:46

Scout - 74:57:08
Soldier - 46:26:49
Heavy - 33:47:39
Demoman - 26:01:19
Spy - 15:02:15
Sniper - 5:44:11

This calculates out to a total playtime of 701:39:41 - or a little over 29 days straight. Offensive classes (Scout, Solly, Pyro) earned over 262 hours, Defensive (Demo, Heavy, Engy) got about 165 hours, and Support classes (Medic, Sniper, Sp
y) rang in at roughly 275 hours.

Clearly I'm more inclined towards confrontational classes, which is evident even in my weighting towards Offensive and Support class roles (with Medic being my main, Spy/Sniper left in 8th and 9th slot, and Pyro/Scout taking 2nd/4th).

There is plenty more analyses to be done if one was so inclined; but I'll leave you with this: at the time of my reset, TF2 had been online and playable for 668 days (one year, 9 months and 29 days). This works out to me having played, on average, a little over one hour per day since release. Truly, this is the mark of an enjoyable and we
ll-designed game.

My extended statistics are available below. Much respect to for permitting a 1048x3075 PNG file without any resizing, and not requiring an account.

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